Travel Freaks Uganda is a registered business founded in 2014 and operated by two adventurous young men passionate about travel. They drew the passion from their early days in life as Boy Scouts.

Travel Freaks is premised on a belief that tourism shouldn’t be luxury only for the foreign visitors but also affordable to the average Ugandan. With a background in camping tours, custom group tours and a passion for tourism, the idea was sparked for the founders when young, adventure-hungry friends would often ask, “Why do tour companies charge so much to travel even within the country?” and “Must they always charge in dollars even for locals?”

We are a tour and travel company for the passionate local adventurous tourist.

Vision Statement

We envision a Uganda in which tourism is no longer a “best kept secret for foreign tourists”, but a public treasure even for the average Ugandan.

 Mission Statement

We aim to always provide budget tour packages but without compromising the individual attention to you in order to give you a memorable experience.


Attention to detail, across-the-board expertise and efficiency with excellence as the end result.

Meet the Team


Fortune Mukiibi

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Julius Asaba

Co-Founder/Head of Digital


Linda Dhikusooka

Marketing/Head Guide